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Weekend.. weekend.. weekend...

Today.. is another Saturday night. Actually here, everyday feels like a week end LoL.

Although I must work for a half day on Saturday or even full time sometimes, but I still being able to enjoy this moment. Yesterday on Friday I’ve finally made it to not to open any social media for 24 hours. If anyone asked “is it fun?” I’d say not bad.. hahahaha…

At least I’ve might be not the type that got a social media addiction. Yesterday I spend the whole day drawing after I bought two pair of bikini to go to North Bali next week with Marsha. It feels that I can’t hardly wait to go tanning the whole day, tan tan tan… that’s what’s in my head now…..

I don’t know why I liked tan so much, in between so many other girls that like their skin color white, to the point that some of my friend injected their skin to appear more white.. But me? When I’m going to the doctor to treat my skin, I always asked if the cream that the doctor gave me will me my skin white… “LoL crazy girl” doctor said. Maybe because I hated when everyone here think that I’m Japanese because of my white skin, and IMHO a tanner skin is more healthy and sexy right?

Anyway, I didn’t do much today beside of finishing a few picture and writing. Tomorrow on Sunday I’m planning to make tidy and clean my flat, doing some laundry, cooking and spend some time to write. I think I might not being able to go anywhere on Sunday and I want to prepare all the stuff that I want to carry on the trip with Marsha. I already know what I wanted to bring such as bikini and book, because I’m planning to read book and get some tan as like I used to do. I missed that times, and of course I’m going to bring some oil to make my skin tanner.. :D

Actually, by not opening social media for a few moment will make me miss some things, but this must be done to keep me from hating the social media itself, I probably feel tired cause of the news that upsets me, those news that filled with violent… anger… hate….

I sincerely doesn’t like those kind of things, I think life that God create should be filled with things that’s beautiful and full of love. But I often see quite the opposite and I accept this as the reality of a real life, where when there’s something good, there always be something bad somewhere… There is nothing that’s perfect.

Hmmm.. what else happened this week… Oh I managed to meet with my Taurus friend Melisa yesterday, we talked a lot about someone (I can’t say his name yet) actually that person is a nice guy, that’s what I think I felt about him, but since I’ve never met him, I can’t say a lot about him.

Speaking about Melisa, she’s my friend that had Taurus as her sun sign. She’s an independent and strong girl. I’m happy to have her in my life. At least when we’re here with nobody around (I meant family), She can be my family, we’re both wander around here in Bali to achieve our dream and doesn’t have any family close to us. When we’re sad or sick, we have to bear it by our self… I think that’s the risk for us who’s still single and living away from our family, but I thought that’s also what make us stronger and independent now.

Although we know that the risk of being an independent woman means that, not all guys have the guts to approach us Hahahaha… but I guess that’s just how men’s egos are. Ups, not by any mean to underestimate men ya.. but we talked about this and we both agreed that men that are going to be someone special to us must be men that truly love us and strong. Strong in the meaning that they doesn’t back off by seeing how independent we are. Doesn’t afraid to make calls and dare to accept what we are also men that truly can lead us.

Everyone often misunderstood what independent mean for a woman, and misjudged that the independent part will make a woman arrogant or make her be a rebellious woman. No no no… that’s so wrong, I guess it depends on how their family teach them, but IMHO, we certainly had a certain view as a woman when it comes to our in dependency, but we’ll also will submit to our partner when they become our husband because after all they're the head of the family.

There’s a lot that we talked about yesterday, it includes about why woman should be kept in a possessive way while men shouldn’t. I think, a woman (whatever their sun sign is) use their feeling more. When a woman had an affair, then she’ll never go back again, because when they cheated, they cheated using their heart not their head. No wonder there’s a lot of men that had an affair, their mistress simply can’t let go of the men because they are using their heart. It’s a different things with most of men. They used their head when they cheat. If in their head they wanted to cheat, they’ll do it but they’ll still remember their home. Whatever you do to keep the men in check, if they had the thought of cheating in their head, they’d still do it anyway. But if you set them free and he’s doesn’t want any harm comes to you, then they’ll never even had the thought crossed their mind. But this doesn’t mean that cheating is right ya… Hahahahaha… So whatever that is, it still took a strong commitment from both sides and it must be based on love.

So happy weekend everyone.. for those who’s with their love one, you’re lucky you can spend this weekend with your love one, be grateful of them before you lost them. And for those who’s still single, don’t be afraid, God will always prepare someone that’s amazing for you guys. You only need to be sensitive and fight for what you want. Good night guys…

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