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Hi I'm Loepie Alexandra|Welcome to my personal blog|I love creative things|I'm proud to be an animal lover

About Me

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I'm a woman that fond of kindness and righteousness in every aspects in life. From my point of view, there's only black or white in accordance to whatever that we do or happened in life, and of course, that black or white, is my version of black or white. I'm quite sure that everyone got their own opines about this.

I never felt that I'm kind or righteous, I'm simply trying to be me... not someone else... because on this already full of drama life, being someone that's not my self, will only bring more troubles to me... I'm simply to lazy to switch part, trying to cater to what other persons expect of me. 
It doesn't matter if not everyone consider me a good and righteous person, not trying to make everyone likes or fond of me. I've comes to the point that I've decided, I'll keep my hopes low when it comes to expecting people to be kind and righteous to me. Everyone got their own life to go through and everyone also destined to learn from what they've run through on their life... the same goes for me...

I'm a Business Aplication and Architecture Interior design bachelor degree holder, but right now I'm currently very interested on civil engineering works, I love being in the field, because there's lots of things that stimulate your brain and avoiding you from being bored, and there's lots of experience on the field that can teach me lots about life, especially teach me that there's more in life than a simple black or white.

More to know about me :
I like read books about fiction and philosophy
I like to write everything that comes up on my thought
I like crafting
I like challenging works (That one that required me to learn something new)
I love animals... all of them... except snakes and rats
I like wine
I like gregorian music genre
I like watch movie
I like games
I'm an introvert, which hated when someone ask about my past etc...
I don't really care if someone talked about me... whatever that is, it's my life, mine and God only
I often spends my time alone or with people (friends... boyfriends... family), that which will depends on my current mood
I like what I like, not what everyone like
I don't like what I don't like, not what everyone doesn't like
And... I often can read through someone's character... not because I/m a clairvoyant... but because of my experience and simply of my observations..

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