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Keep Calm and Enjoy My Weekend

This week, there's a lot of things that happened... Let me tell you one by one..
It started with the honesty of someone that had disappointed me.. Actually I'm not disappointed with reality, but I'm disappointed of the lies. I'm not someone that cant accept reality, Human can do mistakes whether its big or small, with different  purpose and cause. I'm not someone that's intolerant towards a lie, but for me, to get something pure you must not use lie, especially in the matter of love. The point is whatever our cause is, its a good thing to do it with an honest way. If all of this happens, then all must be able to accept the risk.

Just like reading a story book, in the middle of the story we get confused because something that we skipped before, then we must read it from the beginning. But don't worry, I still respect to you.
Actually I already knew that the person lied, but I'm the type that wait for the person to tell me truth on his/her own willingness, because I believe that a forced truth is not good.

A few days ago, I also had sometime to talk with a well known novelist named Mbak Dewi. For the story, I'll write again about her exclusively later. She encourage me to keep writing and continue my novel. But what a writer must think is, don't ever wish that we publish a book or a writing, it will bring us fortune. Why is it like that? We must admit that by the advancement of technology, book is getting rare and rarer, what I meant by rare is, most people now rather read through online application, and mostly royalty that's given from it is far from what a writer can get when people used to read books in its true form. But I'm not writing the money, this is a hobby that IMHO is very fun. I've read people story many times, and now I want to have my own story.. that's what makes me write.

Yesterday, I go to a place for inspiration. I go to a cafe at Petitenget, its name is Cafe Mano. This cafe is amazing, beside of its affordable price, I find this place very cozy. Unfortunately on the afternoon this place is getting crowded, especially on the weekend. This is one of my fave place to write. At least I'll choose some moment before afternoon where the cafe is still not too crowded. With beach as is landscape, sometimes this place makes my imagination evolve. Maybe because of the fresh sea air also yaaa....

Whats funny is, some people used to joke about my single status (I know that they're joking) teasing me with the photos that i shared. Well, maybe I mostly look alone everywhere but when I write, I need sometime to be alone, I simply cant have a companion, because it will interrupt my concentration 

There's a few that asked "Aren't you stressed by being alone?" I can only answer, that right now, I'm still able to enjoyed my loneliness. I'm grateful that right now I'm still single, in the middle of lots of people that complained about their relationship status. I feel grateful that I had so many "me time" and "God time" and I will never really feel alone, because I have God. There's also a lot of people that think I'm lying with the way I stated that I enjoyed my single status, I'm a scorpio that will never lie about what I've felt. If I said that I enjoyed, than its the truth. Maybe because when I'm in Bandung, I met too many people ya... Hahahahaha...

I'm happy to read books when I'm alone tanning my self. For me that is the most cozy times, or watch film on the laptop and wrote, or if I'm to lazy to go anywhere, I go to my project alone, sit and write with the company of my dogs. I'm grateful to be living on this island. I enjoyed every second of me living here, although there's sometimes problem that comes in my way.

My best friend, a Pisces woman already moved back to Jakarta. Actually she's happy to lived on Bali, but she think that, because in Bali we can become Independent (or maybe, too independent) than it might make us feel that we doesn't need anyone else. And if she kept staying here, she's afraid that she'll never get her soulmate. 

I think that its not all wrong, because that opinions comes from her line of view but for me, love can come from anywhere, whether real life or through online connection, whether in Bali or Jakarta, everywhere we can found our love one.  Again I don't believe on coincidence, we have God almighty that always plan something and gave us opportunities to choose. 

Beside of spending my weekend alone, I also travel a lot with my girl friends, well not always every time, because I also believe on the quality time system with everyone, If we met each other too much with whoever it is, there will be saturation that'll grow. Living in the same city doesn't meant that we must spend our time with each other every time. There's time that we had our own chores that's already become our responsibility.

So if there's people out there that asked if I'm happy? I'll be glad to answer "Yes.. I'm happy and comfortable with my self up to this time." this island does make me feel worth to be human being. Hahahaha.. I have my freedom but in a wise way and must be able to control my self. That's the point. So far, I still feel that I can control every thing although that some moments that comes with difficulty and sadness but I can handle it very well. The proof that I still be able to laugh and tell funny story on the social media proofs my point. Hahahaha... So is there anyone that still doubt that I'm happy? Hahahaha....

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