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Hi I'm Loepie Alexandra|Welcome to my personal blog|I love creative things|I'm proud to be an animal lover


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Actually, since I was a child, I love to write a diary. The most stimulating times of writing is, when I was starting to fell in love for the first time. It was when I was aged 23 years old, it was my first love. When I came back to Bandung a few months ago, I still found those that diary of mine that wrote at the time. There are funny stories and sad one. Even though it was old diary, when I read it, it still tucked away some silly things that make me laugh.

Not long after my first love ended, I started writing a blog. In the past I did not understand what a blog is. But it turns out, there was a lot of people who have blogs. Well there, I started to fall in love more with the art of writing.

Since I lived in Bali, because my life mostly filled with going to work and return to the flat only. I'm able to write even more. My best friend Evelyn was very supportive about me writing. Just like my friend Lili in Jakarta said, sometimes writing can build inner healing. Is it true? Well indeed some of my personal doctor said so. Moreover, I'm not good at speaking and verbally explaining to people about what I feel. And although I did not pour my heart and mind 100% on my blog, they said that at least if I pour 50% of my feeling into it, it will make me more relieved.

Writing is not easy. Especially if we add the problem that we do not know what we wanted to write. There are some unfortunate people who can't pour their feelings verbally or in writings. Even when I'm writing, I still sometimes get depressed or stressed, so it must be hard for them who can't pour their feeling in any way.

I think writing can be a mirror to one's personality. For me writing is a romantic thing, of course it depends on the language that we used. But on average, each person that can write (to write anything) they usually had a romantic side that's not owned by everyone. Because writing sometimes should come from the heart, and it's honest.

I sometimes can't understand when someone asks my opinion about if the authors of the news is romantic or not, especially if it's a hoax. But IMHO whatever the writing is, whether it's a hoax or not, at least they have some kind of an imaginations to create that story. I cannot judge them right or not. Because everything that's written by someone (whoever they are), must have a purposes and reasons which makes the writer writing it. Right or wrong depends on the eye of the beholder.

So.. Back to the case of writing, often, while doing nothing, I suddenly wanted to write about a-b-c-d. In fact, sometimes when I was in the shower, I began to think to writing of something. Whether it's a quote or a poem or any kind of writing. I do not expect people liked my writing on this blog. But at least I wrote what's in my heart and my head. 

Just recently I made a quote about what is writing, IMHO. When I made the screenshot of my quote into my LINE messenger display picture, my best friend Evelyn says "why does it makes me sad ya..?". HAHAHAHA ... Well, maybe the soul of a Scorpio like me, is very mellow and fragile. But that's a Scorpio women for you, most part of her is a tomboy and the other is a feminim.

There are some writer’s quotes and poems that I like. Beside the author Nikita Gill, there's also Shakespeare, JmStorm, r.n Sin, Clarry Marie, Kahlil Gibran, Rumi, Segovia Amil, and Christy Ann Martine. And for local Indonesian writers, I like the poetry from AADC2 movie which is M. Aan Mansyur writings, Chairil Anwar and also W. S Renda. I'll try to discuss about them in my future posts.

For me, writing is really important when our mouth, mind and heart cannot speak a single word. Mostly for Scorpio who do a lot of thought burying, writing is very important. Writing doesn't mean that the person is smart, but it mean that he/she is quite honest with what their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes reading someone's emotions or feelings from their writings can reveal one's personality, a little at a time. Afterall its sometimes hard for us to be honest with our mind and feeling right? Hahaha

So ... for those who cannot express their feelings verbally, you can start now to learn to write. At least it will enable you to express what's in your heart, as on my case, it was quite a relief, and also not mention that this is a very positive activity, especially if your writing can inspire a lot of people. I also did not write all of my writings on the blog, I still have a personal diaries which were kept very privately. LOL 

My Quote :

"I love write, because one day when we're
leaving this world forever,
only our writings that will become
our lasting memories."

- me -

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