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Don't Be Beautiful

There are a lot of things that makes me interested in this quote from Nikita Gill. I try to write what I understand from this quote.

There's many out there, girls and women who are competing to be beautiful and sexy. It’s not a rare, they do a lot of crazy things for the sake to be beautiful and sexy. From plastic surgery, skin white injections to breast augmentation operation. All of that is not wrong, because everyone has their own way of thinking.

Beautiful and sexy in my opinion, is very different. All girls and women is certainly want to do their best in order to satisfy their significant others. Because actually, it’s true that man must be satisfied through the eyes first. Naturally ... They are creatures with logic and lust. In contrast to girls and women that has bigger heart than logic. However, are you sure that by being beautiful and sexy, you can make your significant others happy?

Again I'm not saying that trying to beautify and make you sexy in order to satisfy your love one is wrong? Absolutely not. But try to think differently and put the beauty and sexiness in the last order.
Many girls and women forget about the things that's called “be different". We, often times when seeing our friends often go to the salon, hanging out socializing, performing various operation to their body, we often want the same. Or maybe because they have a branded bag or the latest gadgets? Why should we be the same as our friend? Are we sure that we're going to ended up the same way as their story? Of course not, everyone, even identical siblings alone, not necessarily has the same end of story. What's best for them, not necessarily best for us.

According to my life experience, what we should do is just be different! Try to think with your "smart brain" and season it with your "wild brain". Whether it's positive or negative, but we as women who are already destined to become the most powerful, we will never know if we are stronger if we never get past our bitter experiences which not rarely can kill our confidence.

Sometimes, we (including me) are easily downed and had a low self-esteem when we meet with beautiful and sexy supermodel like woman, but that's just how woman are.

Being a model or an actress, it requires them to look like that when they're outside. But what do they look like when they're in their house or on their free days, would they look the same? Of course not! They're still the same girl or woman just like you. What distinguishes them is, they have an extraordinary confidence.

I have a lot of male friends. Even 95% of my best and good friends are men. Until now, I only got 5 women as my best friend. Perhaps it was because, I understand men better and because basically men also need a friend to confide in and tell stories who may not all be told to his partner because the ego.

Men do love woman that’s beautiful and sexy physically. It's perfectly normal for me. But when they look for a partner for life, they would put it all aside. Those who share their thought with me, say that they need a partner that is strong, smart, multitasking, patience with their ego but ready to remark them when they are wrong without getting to emotional, not too curb their freedom, respect their decisions as the head of the family, can be their wild playmate (in a positive context), being independent but still need them, encourage them to step forward. To fulfill their need is the most important thing. For them when all is fulfilled, beauty and sexiness is like a bonus. Because what man need was actually a 'home sweet home' not just 'house of bunny'. When they come home from work, they need warmth. Their partner trust is their passion and pride for them but that doesn’t mean that we should be ignorant towards them (So it’s a fact that it was men who wants a lot of criteria to be met rather than woman LOL).

So girls and women, although it’s important to be beautiful and sexy. Try to think a little more advanced, that beauty and sexiness we were only temporary. But what comes out of the heart and brain, it will last forever. Because, when you gave birth to the child and educate them. Your children cannot understand more about the meaning of life only with beauty and sexiness. To generate intelligent children we should use our heart and a smart brain too.

For girls and women... you were in fact you are beautiful as is. You are the strongest creatures and you are needed. You are needed, not just for the sake of need. God love you. Your strength will be able to change one's world.

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