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Dear My Bestfriend Aries

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Dear My Best Friend Aries,

Faiz Tyo

I don't know how to say this, but it turns out that our friendship for 15 years really does become meaningfull. You always try to make me stand up and strong, you're the one that knows what is going on inside me, even before we spoke to each other to tell what's inside. The difference is, you predict things based on a step by step analysis while im using my intuition.

We're far from each other now, but you always able to look up for me, still able to gives me advices which always make sense to me. There's a lot of people that often missunderstood our friendship, sometimes to the point that makes me wanna laugh, because when were still close , we used to go out just the two of us, just like a couple on a date. Those people just didn't know how our date actualy looks like, we can literally do a fist fight right? LOL.. kidding...

The obvious thing is I care about you, and I'm sure you also care about me.. We seems to already be able to know what will come and go, what will become of each of our story with others.. Not often there's people who get jealous by you and I'm sure there's few girls that jealous of me  hahahaha.. but that's us right, even our former significant others used to be jealous. One thing that I've learned from our friendship is, it will never end, even when we died later whoever come a first that is, we must always take care for each other and we must try to find our own couple that understand about our friendship, so that there will be no jealousy between us and our significant others, beside I know that no one can restrict you and be posesive of you.. I know you that well right...

Do you remember, when my heart is broken by your best friend? You're the one who cheered me up, also when I again broke my heart, you're taking me to watch "Warkop DKI" on a theatre, even though I know that you doesn't like to watch local movies... You're willingly pick me up at the airport with all that traffic jam blocking you, and you always whine asking for me to make you batagor and siomay.. that's what you always asked from me....

Anyway, don't forget about our promise on February ok, there's alot  that i wanted to tell you... I miss you already my best friend... and till we meet again..

[Me and My Best Friend Faiz Tyo]

[Me and My Best Friend Faiz Tyo]

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With Love

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