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True Love Poem - Part 1

When I love him 
It’s hard for me to explain what that makes me love him
It all flows like water in the river
Our life itself is already a live fairy tale 
Between love and sadness that take turns in come and go 
I never want to know the feeling of not having him..

Love is weird
Come in fast
But suddenly can stop in an instance
Just because of ego and shallow emotion 

Love that you've taught is not like this, 
It is a big lie
If love doesn’t have to own
That means were fooling our self
It is a big sin when we realized it
But were giving up to fight for it
That means we didn’t respect what God had created

Love does take effort
But it takes two to do the effort
Because if there’s only one side that gives effort towards love
One of them may lives
But they'll live in regret that could make them walk in the wrong path
And the other might die

Love is not just some word to say each second
But must be proven by action 
True love comes from our heart
Not from our mind

Like a flower in a beautiful garden
When the flower only get sun without any rain
Than it will die
So does the soil in that garden, it will dry without rain

Woman are flowers
Man are soil where the flower grows

Love always need sacrifices
No matter how hard the sacrifice is
Because true love is not searched 
But it was met on the right time by God
Get realized by both human
Then get build and maintained

Love is the reason why God created human
Love is the reason why man can survive
Love is the reason of all reason for human
To stay alive eternally


In the Bible, God says :
- "If I have all faith, so that I can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing."
- "Now these three remain : faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love."

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