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The Meaning of Christmas for Me

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A long time ago, when I was still a child,
I thought that Christmas is a celebration where I'm going to spend a lot of time playing and receiving a gift, besides of going to the church.
Christmas is filled with joy where there's a lot of tree's that's decorated with beautiful lamps, eating together on beautiful places, vacation abroad with our family..

Have we all wonder, who should get a gift? Have we all wonder, what have we gave Him for His birthday? What did He wanted from us?
This moment and this second, I have my own way about Christmas.

Oh, it turns out, Christmas is the birth of the world savior named Jesus Christ. Christmas turns out that it doesn't require us to party with the gift, because we're the one that should gave a gift to Him.

Christmas turns out to be more meaningful when I was alone and contemplate.. talk heart to heart with Him personally without there’s others to hear what we talked about.. it's a beautiful moment.

He, who had sacrificed everything for us without asking for anything back.
He, who always faithfully wait for us to realize the meaning of His love.
He, who always understand that we often forgot about Him because of our activities
He, who always whispers soft words for us, so that we turn to Him
He, who doesn't mind to greet us first even thought that He is far more valuable than us
Have we follow His lead?

It turns out, this year Christmas, even though far from everyone, I begin to feel that this Christmas is the real one, because even He the great one, was born with modesty, yet He can be meaningful for all the living things on earth.

For all of you that celebrated Christmas..
Merry Christmas.. may the peace of Christ be with you all..
Enjoy your holiday with your family and love ones.

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Bali, Dec, 24th, 2016

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