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Happy New Year 2017

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Actually, this is not the first time I'm alone celebrating new year's eve, because years before, where my family is abroad celebrating new year from christmas, I choosed to stay home with my dog, except on 2015 when I'm able to finally go back to Hongkong.

What's difference this year is, I'm actually alone far from home, on a new island. Actually, what I'm aware is that, I'm just like a water that's following the flow on where I'm currently stay. The point is I try to be strong and faithfull, and to realize that when you're travelling there will always be a risk that you must bear and endure by your self, because that is the real meaning of being independent.

However I am now, I'm very gratefull for 2016, a year that for me, is filled with surprises and life lessons, where sadness and happiness comes in turns. But I think I'm gonna skip the sad one's and focus on the happy side of 2016, let the sad part be only known for a few people, because not everyone will understand and maybe starts to ask questions of why my blog is filled with tears and starts to think if this is actually a blog or atlantic ocean hahahaha...

The world is always turning, tears will always be there, because without tears, our life will be empty. Just be gratefull  that we can still cry, because that means that we can still "feel" something. My best friend Boy once joked with me by saying "that tears of your's seems to qualified to be a pearl, right?" lol i found that question to be funny at that time lol

My happiness on 2016 is, i met with new remakrable people, that's becoming my new  best friends in my life. Although they're relatively new to me compared to my best friends back in Jakarta, which have been my friends for more than 15 years, they're still awesome. They're so underatanding and always there when I'm down (not up). They always help me wipe my tears off, help me in realizing my dreams, a little by little, but sure..

From here, I believe that there's n such thing as coincidence, it's all been arranged by The All Mighty. I'll tell you about how I met with them on my future post.

The point is, what has happened on the years before can not be taken for granted, because believe it or not on the next year it will all continue, because God will never create a story without an ending, there will always be an ending, and for this i had a quote from line's "The Story of Life" which is "God always have a happy ending, if your story don't have one, than your story is not yet finished."
So finally, I want to say, thank you and good bye 2016, I will never forget you, because you gives meaning to my life, my life becomes colourfull because everythings that happened in you, my trip there make me understand what's the meaning of survival and to strive when everyone underestimate me, the experience that I gained, that made me appreciate all the meating with new people, all the experience that taught me not to taken granted all of my intuition and dreams.

And I welcome you 2017, I know you're gonna be much more incredible, because I've learned a lot of valuable lesson on 2016, and I know that you're the future of my good dreams, you will complete my dreams and hopes, which is delayed on the years that had passed, I can't wait to meet you...

Special thanks for my new friends which have been here accompanying me for the last few months : Boy, Evelyn, Idham, Mbak Ayu who made me excited in making my dream comes true, and also for my old friends on #Mythology you're irreplaceable..., our friendship will be a legend....
I love you all.. and will always need you all
Thank you very much 

And have a happy new year for all of you, with friends and family and your love ones....


From Bali
With Love

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