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Dear Diary - Part 1

Dear Diary,
Bali, December, 2, 2016

Today, the weather is quite clear here in Bali,
I hope all of this is a good sign.
I always hope that all will go well.
Well for my beloved country Indonesia,
well for all of those that i cared and loved and of course, well for me.

Life sometimes makes me think harder, of how to face reality,
how to face other people with all of those different behaviour,
how to be your self without hurting or offending others and the most important one is,
how to tolerate, understand and accept them as they are.

It was all not easy of a task, but as a human that is our obligation,
to be able to care towards each other without noticing the difference,
because the fact is, the diversity is what united us.

Today in Jakarta and some of the city in Indonesia, demonstration occurs.
I have no idea what their aim is, i dont understand.
Some of them said it's for their religion, some said it's for defending our beloved NKRI.
I really don't like all of this, might I be to naive?
I was always happy with the difference that is there between me and my friends,
I think all of that difference is what makes us complete each others,
make us learn what's the meaning of tolerance.
I know not all people agree with this, but this is what i feel.

On Bali, we dont look at difference, whether its religion, race, colour,
we live peacefully without thinking about those differences,
here we respect each others.
We have 5 different places of worship standing next to each other in an area,
isn't it beautiful that way?

I once think, if a mere difference like religions, races,
nations, colours can make a disunity between people that we love and care,
I rather be an atheis, just enough by believing that God exist,
and heaven or hell is our final destination.
Because I believe that all religion teach kindness and love.

So my diary, we Indonesian people had hashtag  : #weAreIndonesia #weLoveIndonesia #saveNKRI #NKRIhargamati #janganMauDiaduDomba #Pancasila #KitaIndonesia #KamiIndonesia #IndonesiaRaya 

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