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Dear My Grandma - Part 2

Dear Grandma 
In heaven...

Today, right about 16 years have passed since you left us. Do you miss all of us here? Especially me? :) Why do you have to leave just right before my birthday? Ah... it’s a very sad day for me, when at that time, you left me just right when I was hoping that you can celebrate my birthday with you just like when I’m still young and had you there right by my side, helping me to blow my birthday candle.. :(
Grandma, do you know? After 16 years you left, I always remember everything that you taught me, I remember every single things that I could possibly do, because I know, you taught all of that important things for my own good.
Few weeks ago, I was on the phone with my sister and aunt. I said that I really missed you, It’s not like I didn’t missed you every day, but this time the longing felt so deep I started to question what happened? Did you miss me to there?
Oh yeah... you did taught me lots of things about loyalty, devotion and love.
You taught me not to be picky when making friends, with anyone...
You taught me to be ignorant about colors, gender, races, religions, tribes with anyone whom I hang out with.. because they didn’t really matter...
You taught me to live humble...
You taught me to be grateful of everything, not to be picky when we eat, don’t you remember, you used to spoon-feed me with rice and soy sauced egg?
You taught me that life is not all about money and material things..
You taught me that to learn on to God on everything..
You taught me to be independent when there’s no one else remember you...
You taught me to be honest with my own will... not others..
You taught me lots of traditional games such as congklak to me...
Grandmaa... after you left us, my birthday feels empty, for me it feel different without you by my side, oh yeah... do you remember that you gave me a present on my birthday, I forgot what age I was but I remembered that you gave me a chicken shaped piggy bank and do you remember that each time you have a thick old 100 rupiah coin, you always put it on that piggy bank and you did that until the piggy bank is full... hihihihi... oh I really miss all that time... as for the piggy bank, I’ve already cracked it and stored all the money in the bank after you left but the good things that comes from that habit of yours is, I learned and get used to stored my earned money in the bank, the habit that grow within me thanks to you grandma... :)
Oh do you also remember, I love it very much when you woke me from my sleep, I always get excited when you woke me up. You accompanied me when I was having a home tutor, when I get scolded you were right there defending me, when I get punished you always there to reason for me,  you were always there for me, you really are a fairy in my life.
Even when I was sick and my parent is working, you were there gladly compressing my head
Sometimes, caught you crying in the room alone, that time I didn’t know why but, when you step out of the room you never show anyone that you had cried. You were very steadfast, you’re a tough woman, Not just once or twice I saw you cried, there’s some case that I know the reason why and there’s others that I didn’t know but, I finally know now why you cried that time, :) you cried because you missed you soul mate that had left you earlier to heaven and you also missed all of your children who already had their own family and barely had time for you, you cried because you felt alone...
But you are tough...  really really tough, when everyone forget about you and left you with their own business and reasons, you still remember them all, you kept unconditionally love all of your children, son and daughter in law, grand children, you learn to spend your lonely time by yourself, spend more time in your room and pray, I remember when I was grown into a teenager and busy with my school activity, you go to the church every day on the afternoon by yourself, I regret and sorry that I can’t accompany you then, forgive me when that time I often burden you with all of my problems.
Grandma.. finally today, 16 years after you left, I just want to say... 
Thank you very much for all that you’ve taught me. 
Thank you for always there on my side. 
Thank you for giving me the shoulder to lean on when i cried.
Thank you for all the love that you gave me for over than 20 years.
Thank you for always persuade God from heaven to quickly wipe all of my tears here.
Thank you, thank you very much... I promise that I will always be happy with ways that you've taught...
Right on my birthday I will wrote you another letter and make a wish list and throw it to the sea..

And in the end, 55 white roses I dedicate you in heaven. May this be a dream will become a reality, when a man will propose to me later with the same flowers like this. 25 white roses for you and 30 white roses for the miracle of true love.
Okay my lovely grandma... I loved you.... I love you.. and I always do..

Bali, November 14th, 2016

From your favourite Grand Child
Until we meet again

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